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Praying for Your Future

If you are anything like me I can get pretty caught up in the past or the present and lose site of the future.  Especially when it comes to applying prayer energy.  I ask God to fix consequences of the past and deal with my today alot.  The other night I was experiencing one of my regular bouts of insomnia and found myself thinking and praying through an old personal development model that identifies all the major areas of my life (and yours too).  Next time you start looking out to the future try to systematically pray through each of these areas:

  1. Your Faith (Walk with God and Ministry)
  2. Your Family
  3. Your Finances
  4. Your Fitness
  5. Your Friends
  6. Your FWork (still don’t have an f for work)

2 comments on “Praying for Your Future

  1. Rory Brannum says:

    Great and practical advice on prayer. And how about “Your Field” for work?


  2. The Howitzer D.M. says:

    Your field.. I like that..


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