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Friday the 13th: Feeling Blessed!

Have you ever been through one of the times in your life where you were just thankful. Not that everything is going your way but overall you just were connected to the fact that God loves you and is blessing you. Here lately that is where I am. Now I still gripe and complain when the drive through line at McDonald’s is too slow, but I actually have money in my pocket to buy an Egg McMuffin and a Mikki D sweet tea. Blessed!

A couple of days ago, I was riding back from the pool after an evening of swimming with my son. We were chatting through our days and he was telling about his swimming lessons from earlier. We stopped at this light and my view from the left side was blocked by a big SUV type vehicle. The light turns and proceed out in the intersection. Suddenly the SUV lurches to a stop and I do too as this guy runs the red light going 50 miles an hour. If I am looking at Josh he plows me! Blessing!

My wife is working graveyard shift at a local hotel. Josh is about to get out for summer and we are not sure what to do. Three weeks before school is out she is approached about a new job that will require her to work 10 less hrs a week for more money. Blessed!

My job is a sales job. I need to sell to stay employed. We land a big account that is worth a month’s worth of my annual target. Blessed!

My mom calls me. She is having a tough time physically and her heart is going crazy. Doctor’s give her medicine and she is better. Blessed!

I think you get the idea. Whether I go or come, God is watching over me. I was listening to a pod-cast this morning and a national preacher guy was recounting a serious bout of clinical depression he just went through and it reminded me or the years 2002-2005 when I was struggling to regain my footing after a serious job/ministry opportunity had gone sour on me. During those times I didn’t know if I would get back to a place of blessing. But I have! And I am thankful!

Now maybe today (Friday the 13th, 2008) I will be accosted by a black cat, under a ladder while breaking mirror with my opened umbrella inside. And maybe I will go through other seasons where I don’t feel so blessed. But, let’s deal with that when it comes. For now, I want to soak in the blessed rays of the Father who sends down blessings like the rays of the sun. How bout you? How is God blessing you?

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