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Are You Praying for Your Family?

I had an interesting experience this weekend.  My niece Anna who is 10 asked me perform her baptism (see baptism below, my baptism coach and videographer is my son Joshua who you will hear along the way).  What an honor!  After the ceremony I was standing outside the church with 3 of my nieces and it got me to thinking about how little time I actually get to spend with my extended family.  Today, I went to my favorite Prayer Joint over lunch (Sonic for a Chicago Style Hot Dog) and as I was recording all my extended family in my prayer journal I realized that I have 38 people who are directly related to me that I need to be praying for.  Between parents, grandparents, wife, son, brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews I have quite a crew of folks I need to be praying for.  How about you?

One comment on “Are You Praying for Your Family?

  1. When you stop and think, there are so many we leave out. Add to that your
    brothers and sisters in Christ in your home church, your spirtual leaders,
    missionaries, in and from your church, churches in other countries under
    attack from satin himself. And the list goes on!!! Maybe thats why Paul reminds us to Pray Without Ceasing!!!! You Know you can pray with your
    eyes open? If it takes you an hour on the Hiway to get home thats a hour you
    can Pray. And God will bless you more than you know.The question was asked, it would take me hours to pray all I need to pray about. Travel 2 hours
    a day, thats 10 hours in a 5 day week! And God answers our prayer. Think of all the blessings God can give us, ( 10 hours ), in just one week. Not to mention the weekend. God has given us the time and He wants to bless us!
    What are we waiting for?
    Chuck Howi


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