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Met My Grandson Today!

Say what?  Before you freak out and start spreading rumors, nothing scandalous is going on unless you think that discipleship is scandalous.  Seems that a guy that I used to disciple named Mark has been discipling a guy that I just met this morning named Joe.  And Joe just informed me that he has been busy about disciplemaking and listed about 4 generations of guys that his discipleship tree has produced who I had never heard of.  Seems I may be a great, great, great, great grandfather as well.  What a day!

For you discipleship novices out there: a discipleship generation is just like a paternal generation.  A guy like me (1st generation) disciples a guy like Mark (2nd generation) who disciples a guy like Joe (3rd generation) who disciple a guy like… well I think you get the picture.  I knew that Mark had been discipling guys but I didn’t realize that Mark’s guys had been discipling guys.

For you ultra discipleship novices: discipleship is the process whereby one believer passes on spiritual truths to another believer with the expressed intention of helping them personally grow and then they pass it on to someone else.  Kinda like Amway with a kick and you don’t have to buy anything.  In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul says it this way to his young protegé Timothy, “and the things which you (2nd) have heard from me (1st) in the presence of many witness, these entrust to faithful men (3rd) who will be able to teach others (4th) also.”

The fun thing about this morning is that it has been almost 10 years since Mark and I spent a lot of time together and over that 10 years there has been stuff going on that I had no idea about.  Faithful men have taught others also.  I wonder what other seeds that were planted years ago have grown.

One comment on “Met My Grandson Today!

  1. chuckhowington says:

    It’s just like Paul said, a seed is planted, someone else waters; decipleships, and God helps it to grow and increase. Did not Jesus say, go out and make deciples. When the Word is properly planted, good fruit is
    always the result. By Gods’ grace, keep up the good work. I would rather plant one good seed, and watch it grow than to walk through a patch of weeds.

    IN HIS GRIP Chuck Howi


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