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The Secret of Contentment: Introduction

This summer, our family got an introduction to a new world: the world of competitive baseball.  I have to admit I had high hopes going in to the season.  I had forged a really good relationship with two ex-college players who would handle the coaching.  My role would be the General Manager where I would manage all the day to day logistics along with managing the parents and players.  I then carefully hand-selected some of the best players in the Mountie feeder system and entered into negotiations for a one year contract.  Now if we could just get our 9 years olds to cooperate and win.

 I wasn’t quite prepared for our 0-17 start.  Nor was I prepared for being outscored 192-53 during our winless streak.  I also played the roll of Chaplin of our team and if I had to pin a verse on the season it would be “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”.  Now don’t get me wrong, we got better every game and finished 3-21 but getting whipped game after game is a little disheartening.  Okay it is a lot disheartening.

 You may be asking yourself: What does contentment have to do with baseball.  If you are 3-21, contentment has everything to do with baseball.

 Competitive activities is a great snapshot into the heart of discontentment.  We could talk about anything (gymnastics, karate, band, whatever), but let’s pick on baseball.  Little Johnny shows a little promise in tee ball (meaning he can catch most of the time and throw the baseball all the way to first without bouncing it, run, catch some).  The coach sees his promise and puts him on first or the pitchers which explains that while the rest of the kids are picking flowers and playing in the dirt, Johnny is focused.  In fact he is much better than most of the players he is competing with so we start looking for opportunities for him to excel.

 If you are really ambitious and have a little cash, you can get him on a traveling team by 7 and play against the best competition in the area.  Because everybody knows that if you wait till 9 years old he will be behind and may never catch up.  And heaven forbid that little Johnny not be competitive.  So we spend all our families’ time and money getting him the best we can. 

 When I played everybody shared bats from the team bag.  There where 3 choices: light, medium or heavy.  Not anymore!  What you can buy atRoy’s Closeout Bats on the internet is amazing. 

I wish you could see what we got from Roy’s.  We gave away his Wal-Mart Louisville Slugger and old aluminum bat and upgraded to last year winner.  Roy sells a bat we call the Green Hornet that retails at $200 bat for $69.99.  After going to our first practice I realized that Joshua needed a big barrel bat and we landed a Stealth which retails for $350 bat for $79.99.  And later on in the season we found a maple bat like Pujols swings and we have always liked wood bats.

 There you go three bats just like I had as a kid!

 So you can tell that I am the perfect person to talk to you about contentment.

 I am going to attempt to Answer 5 questions

  1. What is contentment? 
  2. Why should I try to be content? 
  3. Is it really possible to be content? 
  4. What are results if I don’t seek contentment? 
  5. How do I do it?
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