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Country Music Makes Me Cry

Reprinted from ReadyAimLife

I hope you never pass me on the road when I am in a country frame of mind cause county music make me cry. I know I am supposed to be tough but some of those songs are geared to rip your heart out (if you have one, men). One of my favorite memories as a child was cleaning the house every Saturday jamming out to the old school twang. Even then there was more to the genre than just old dogs, children and watermelon wine. But, these days the writers of these songs are trying to connect at a heart level with the fans. Tim McGraw describe today’s country this way, “some say that it’s too country, some say it’s too rock n roll, but it’s just good music if you can feel it in your soul.”

Whether you are talking about love, parenting, your heritage or just plain life there is something that occurs in the heart as you allow yourself to feel deeply about the things you love. Most men just check their emotions at the door “because real men don’t cry”. Or do they? I find it refreshing to coach my son’s sports teams. Not only do I get to spend some great quality time with him, but I also get to connect with real life through the eyes of young boys who are trying to deal with some of their first bouts of winning and losing and understanding who they are. You miss a lot from the other side of the fence. In the dugout there is a lot of thing going on that is shaping the next generation of men. Someday they won’t be able to wear their emotions on there sleeves but when you are 7 or 8 it’s ok to cry if you lose the city championship. I wish I was a kid again.

Don’t believe me try some of these on for size. You will need to look for them online. 

Things change by Tim McGraw

Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw

Southern Voice by Tim McGraw

Another American Saturday night by Brad Paisley

He Didn’t Have To Be by Brad Paisley

I Don’t Know Why They Say Grown Men Don’t Cry by Tim McGraw

There is a God by LeAnn Womack

I Hope You Dance by LeAnn Womack

Something Worth Leaving Behind by LeAnn Womack

You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Atkins 

Big Idea: There something wrong with you if you cannot connect emotionally with things that speak about valuing the things you love: God, friends, family and life.

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