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New Writing Focus at Ready Aim Life

Most of you know I am also blogging on a colaborative blog call ReadyAimLife.  Our team there has been establishing a new writing focus that I wanted to share with you.  I am only one of many who will be posting over there so you might want to add it to one of your favorites.  It has a lot of potiential.


We Have Clarified Writing Focus Here at RAL

reprinted with permission

by The Howitzer

Have you ever had the experience of listening to a friend and observing how they are struggling with an issue and wanted to help?  Then you have lunch with another friend and realize that they are having a very similar issue.  In fact, you begin to read the paper and listen to the news and realize that people all around you are struggling with life and your heart goes out to them.  But you are dealing with your own issues and so you just remain silent.  Oh maybe you throw out a few pearls of wisdom from time to time but for the most part you just watch life go by.  And your friends continue to struggle.

In January of 2008, I began to write a little.  My mom had been blogging some and I enjoyed her writing and thought about starting a little blog of my own.  These days I am in the restaurant business but spent most of my 20s and 30s as a collegiate minister working with students and then a short stint on staff at a church.  Though I enjoyed my new life as restaurateur, I missed the opportunity to speak and counsel so writing was a natural outlet for me.  I felt like I had some things to say but nobody was asking me any questions.

At the same time in the blogosphere, a couple of other guys were beginning to blog with similar interest in capturing what they were learning in life and communicating that to others in hopes that they might have a positive influence in the lives of others.  In late 2008, this group of three aspiring writers began to pool their insights into a collaborative writing project that became ReadyAimLife.

Our vision was pretty simple:  Real Guys writing to Real Guys about Real Issues that need Real Solutions.  We began to share from our experiences (imperfect as they are) hoping that our perspectives would help.  And the feedback has been good and we are very honored to have played a small part in encouraging and giving some of you direction as you are working out the specifics of your own life experience.  We never claimed to have all the answers but sometimes all a hungry man needs is for another hungry man to point the way to the soup kitchen.

For the past few months our team has been trying to determine the direction of ReadyAimLife and we want to share the blog part of that direction with you today.  One of the things we have observed is that many men don’t seem to have an overarching game plan related to managing all the major areas of their life.  Most guys tend to gravitate to certain areas they like and overlook other key areas that need to be developed.   It is our belief that to be successful a man needs to be aware of how his decisions today effect the whole of his life not just a specific area.  A little over 15 years ago, I was exposed to a book by Bobb Biehl called Increasing Your Leadership Confidence.  In his book, Biehl spoke about how successful leaders balance the major areas of life.  His work has been a tremendous inspiration to me in creating the Personal Development Model we have illustrated above.

The team here at Ready Aim Life is going to use these areas as the focal point in our writings.  We will begin to unpack the specifics of each area over the next couple of months.  If there are particular areas that you would like to see us cover first let us know.  This blog is for you our readers and our hope is to engage you in areas where you are looking for a little direction.   Hope you enjoy!

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