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hisp-dad-son-fishingI don’t know if you dads are aware of this site..

The National Center for Fathering is the host of it and there is a lot of great stuff there you can use as a resource.  The have a newsletter that comes out periodically that is really good.. I have included an excerpt.

8 Ways Dads Benefit BOYS

Dad, if you think you’ve fully grasped the power you have in your son’s life, think again! Research on fatherhood spells out your influence quite convincingly. Studies have concluded that sons with involved fathers perform better in educational pursuits, have more developed social skills, and are less likely to commit a crime or use drugs and alcohol. Those boys are also likely to be stronger in moral development and in their ability to delay gratification. In addition, dads are believed to be unique in their ability to help sons adjust and adapt to changes and transitions in life.

In his article at, author and speaker Byron Ricks elaborates on 8 Ways Dads Benefit Boys:

Shape their identity. Boys look to fathers in their search for self. Without a father, boys have a harder time defining who they are and who they want to be. A boy’s search for self starts with his father. 

Help them belong. The need to belong to a family or tribe is a powerful force in boys. Having a father in the picture gives them this sense of alliance. Studies show that boys without fathers are more likely to join gangs—because they have to look outside the family for social acceptance. 

Influence their values. Boys with fathers are more likely than their fatherless peers to have economic stability in the household. This gives them a sense of self-worth. There are other values fathers shape: work ethic, having a healthy relationship, and persevering. See all 8

ACTION POINTS for Committed Dads

●   Have a special “guys night” with your son(s). Do “guy” things he will enjoy, whether it’s sports (playing or watching), a movie, building a fort, a game night, video games, exploring the woods, climbing trees, etc.

●   Tell your son about things your father or a father figure taught you, and the values behind those lessons. (Try talking in the car or while you’re doing an activity together.).

●   Read more on fathering sons in one of the most popular articles on our site: “5 Needs of Sons” by NCF’s founder, Ken Canfield. (See also “5 Needs of Daughters.”).

●   Put your hand on your son’s shoulder, look him in the eye, and tell him, “I love you.” Mention a specific reason why you’re proud of him. (Do this with your daughter as well.).

●   Consider planning a special one-on-one getaway with your son or daughter this summer. See some options here.

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