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New Look at Ready Aim Life

If you get a chance go check out our new look at   

ReadyAimLife is a collaborative blog project focusing on men striving to live their best life.  As husbands, fathers, employees, sons, friends, and soccer coaches, we wear lots of hats.  Making it all happen and still keep our sanity is tough.  That’s what we’re writing about.  Our focus is on living the life God intended.  We don’t have it figured out, but we’re trying to improve everyday.  Please join us as we learn together.

The writing team at ReadyAimLife is currently composed of three guys who are passionate about life, learning, and living life to its fullest.  Guest writers will drop in from time to time as well.  We hope you will be challenged and encouraged by the ideas we present.



Greg Primm

Greg Primm is . . . dad, husband, worker, friend, home-improvement guru, Arkansas Razorbacks fan, lifelong learner, and all around good guy.  OK, most of that is true.  I’ll let you figure it out.

For the last nine years, I’ve worked in finance and accounting for several high-growth, emerging companies.  I currently work as CFO for a startup healthcare company.  I live in NW Arkansas with my wife Amy and two daughters Allison and Lauren.  Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy starting lots of projects around the house, woodworking, and sports of all kinds.  In the past few months, I’ve discovered a love of writing.  Primarily I write about life and this tremendous journey I am on.  Join me as we try and figure out life together!


James Kissinger

James Kissinger

“Hello. My name is James and I’m a sinner.” The crowd answers back, “Hello James.” Welcome to an ongoing meeting of Sinners Anonymous. 

So, about me. My name is James Kissinger. I’m midway through life’s journey (I hope). I live in the northwest corner of Arkansas, a beautiful part of the state, with my wife Sara, and daughters Audrey and Sally Ann. I currently earn a living in sales, though my career path has been odd. Accountant, stockbroker, chicken farmer. Odd, but interesting. In my downtime I enjoy being outdoors … hiking, camping, skiing, floating, etc. I’ve always had a passion for being a dad. After almost 15 years of marriage, I’m finding a renewed passion in being the best husband I can be. My overarching goal in life is simple in word, but difficult in deed …  putting those around me before myself.

I hope you enjoy my stories .  .  .


Tim Howington

Tim “The Howitzer” Howington

Some of my friends call me the Howitzer.  I started blogging in early 2008 because I have things to say and nobody asks me any questions. You will find that my style is a mix between practical theologian, philosopher, thinker, idealist, exhorter and depressed seeker.  That’s my style because that is who I am. I spent 16 years of my life as a vocational minister working with college students along with a short stint on a church staff.  After a messy break from church work, I have entered the work of my second half as a good-for-nothing layman.  I say that because I heard a pastor say one time that “pastors are paid to be good, but laymen are good for nothing”. 

I have lived most of my life like I played high school football, a little better than average.  I played well enough to stay just a step or two ahead of the bench.  I married a sweet, gracious woman who has made my life wonderful.  Her name is Terri and she has been putting up with me for 20+ years.  We have a son named Joshua who is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to us.  He is a very talented, quietly stubborn, creative, messy boy who is destined for great things.  He wants you to know he loves cats even though we are technically a dog family.

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