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What I Want From My Pastor

I remember being in a conversation about the demands that parishioners have on their pastor. This was shortly after I had experienced a tough split with a Church as a pastor. The person I was chatting with made a comment that really struck me funny. They made the comment that they had only a couple of expectations for their pastor and they went on to tell me what they were. The thing that was funny was that if you multiply 1-2 expectations from every parishioner that adds up pretty quickly. No wonder some of our pastors feel like they live in a fishbowl and controlled by their congregations. Some congregants want a friend, some want a person to engage in crisis with, some want a God substitute, and some want someone to blame for their own personal spiritual failures and a scads of other desires.

I was reading in my Hebrews commentary again today and read a great quote from A. J. Gossip who used to tell his students that when he was ordained to the ministry he felt as if the people were saying to him: “We are for ever involved in the dust and the heat of the day; we have to spend our time getting and spending; we have to serve at the counter, to toil at the desk, to make the wheels of industry go round. We want you to be set apart so that you can go in to the secret place of God and come back every Sunday with a word from Him to us.”

I like that at some level. I know now that as a laymen I spend a great amount of my time, “making the wheels of industry”, family and personal interest go around. When I go to church I am looking for a word from the Lord. I am not saying that anything substitutes for my direct connection with the Lord but I do hope my pastors are aware that of all the demands on their time, one of the most important ones may be for them to walk with the Lord and hear fresh His voice for the rest of us. NO PRESSURE GUYS!

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2 comments on “What I Want From My Pastor

  1. Anna Eye says:

    Hey Tim, Just want you to know what a special pastor you were to us! We love you STILL! God uses everything for his glory and his purpose. He redeems the ashes of our efforts for beauty that is breathtaking. I certainly for one, am counting on it! I would have nothing without this redemption. He takes the sting of death out of every hurt! O death, where is your vicotry? O grave, where is your sting? For we have overcome through the blood of our precious Jesus!Thank goodness that the failures of this wayward follower brings my heart closer by causing me to fall at the feet of Jesus. I can say that on a small level I have fellowship with his suffering! How painful but yet How glorious! Forgive me for anything I ever said that I don’t remember. We say so much out of our own pain.Blessing on your heart today, fellow traveler!Anna


  2. Kevin Beasley says:

    Truly one of the most difficult pursuits to undertake! How easily our eyes get pulled away from the one from Whom our calling comes! Tragic. Here is an interesting article.


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