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Can you really KNOW that you are going to heaven?

I (the Howitzer) want to introduce you to a good friend of mine.  His name is Marshall Moody.  I asked Marshall to share a little about how his life was affected by coming to grips with a foundational Scriptural principle call the Security of the Believer.  In a nutshell this truth says, “that once you become a born again believer you can be assured that Christ will never leave or forsake you”.  Understanding that your ongoing relationship with God is not determined by what you do can be life changing.  I personally have witnessed the transformation that happened in Marshall’s life when he understood that he could “know” that he had eternal life.  Listen to his story!

Guest Writer- Marshall Moody

See, I grew up practicing a works-based religion. I was working for everything, mostly my salvation, and that treadmill was getting tiring and producing a lot of fear. My family attended church pretty regularly to punch the card and impress The Lord with our presence – He wasn’t impressed. I treated Him like Santa Clause and tried to barter with Him … as if I had anything that He wanted.  When times were good, I assumed that God was rewarding me for my “goodness.”  Bad times required more work. It almost makes me sick thinking about my old, selfish, spiritually immature self. Before I’m forced to “lose my cookies” – or potato soup to be more precise – I’ll move from religion to relationship. If you’re doing the religion thing, I highly recommend that you ask Jesus into your life and begin a relationship with Him right now.

For me, it started when I walked through the doors of a “strange church” (that was my quote). See, it wasn’t of the same religious persuasion that I was accustomed to. The reason I was even willing to attend was because I had actually witnessed significant life change in one of my dearest relatives, but I was still way out of my comfort zone. I didn’t exactly see bright lights like Paul, but things were much different from that time forward. Over the next several weeks, the preachers were focused on Scripture and were so authentic. There was a band instead of an organ and a choir. The music was uplifting and Jesus was speaking to me through the teachers. They challenged us with such novel ideas as reading Scripture daily, praying often, and telling others about Jesus. It wasn’t about the teachers, it was about Jesus – and he wanted to have a relationship with me.

I really didn’t know what a relationship with Jesus looked like, but God placed a man in my life to show me. We started reading The Bible together starting with Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, and he started sharing timeless Biblical truth and the fundamentals of Christianity with me. I had grown up in church, but my eyes were never focused on Jesus. It was about me not about Him. [Here comes that sick feeling again thinking about how much time I wasted; however, I now realize that God’s timing is perfect, and He was preparing me to follow Him and to trust in His perfect plan].

One day my discipler asked me, “If you were to die today, how confident are you that you would go to Heaven?” Oh, one of those “religious trick questions.” I said 60% [it must have been a good week]. He asked me to read out loud 1 John 5:11-13 in which the one whom Jesus loved states “And this is the testimony, God has given us life and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life.” And then I read the most life-changing statement ever. “I write these things to you who believe in the Son of God so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.” More scales fell from my eyes. The moment I read this Biblical Truth, I turned over my burden of working for salvation. The peace that I experienced and am still experiencing is indescribable (it “passes all understanding”). I do believe in what Jesus did for me on The Cross and I KNOW that I have eternal life. Not because of anything that I have done or will do, but because He says so.

It is amazing how life changes when you no longer fear death. Instead of walking in fear and being burdened with worry, you are freed up to focus on The Way, and The Truth, and The abundant Life. I know how my earthly life is going to end someday and so does my Lord and Savior, so I can focus on Him, and focus on today. If you’re scared of death (or anything else for that matter) put your trust in your creator. Cast your burdens on Him. Focus on Him. I also know how where I’m going to spend eternity and that is with my Heavenly Father. You, too, can have this confidence, if you will believe in His Son, Jesus, who died so that you may have eternal life. If you believe in Him, you can “KNOW that you have eternal life.” Don’t carry your fear another day – trust in the King of Glory.

photo by michael.culbertson


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